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MindMaps Thread (WIP)
MindMaps Thread (WIP)
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MindMaps Thread (WIP)

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MindMaps Thread (WIP)

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Quant Network is a technology agnostic API Gateway that allows for interoperability across all blockchains and legacy systems to allow for multi-chain applications.Their core solution Overledger gives enterprises the ability to connect use operations to multiple blockchains regardless of permissions & has seen usage by the Bank for International Settlements.Key Industry-FinTech

Morpheus Network is a supply chain platform thats technology agnostic meaning it is compatible with any software and system.The platform allows digitalization and automation of procedures in all parts of the supply chains from payments to freight. Their solutions seen recognition by the United Nations and World Trade Organization.Industry-Supply Chain

AllianceBlock is building an All-In-One decentralized finance platform with compliance in the code. With familiar dApps such as exchanges & liquidity, to new ideas like data monetization via their Data Tunnel.Their solution creates an effective aggregated ecosystem to bridge traditional finance with DeFi. Their Data Tunnel has seen usage from analytic firms such as Crunchbase.Key Industry- FinTech

Casper Network is building an enterprise grade blockchain network with the ability to launch customizable smart contracts & flexible permissions as to how their blockchain can operate.This ensures a hybrid blend of use cases for large coporations and individual users. Their network is the DLT foundation to ChengDu Chain in China.Key Industry-Business

ChainStats is the first ever decentralized on-chain data platform, built for industry grade utilization of on-chain data.Through an agnostic platform to connect and display data from any blockchain ecosystem, ChainStats aims to build upon the most fundamental use-case of blockchain through the data provided within to bring forth new innovations to data users from regular everyday citizens to top multinational enterprises.Key Industry-Data Analytics

Constellation Network is building their network, the Hypergraph as an agnostic data layer to reference and work with any data type in their ecosystem.They bring the innovative idea of rewriting smart contracts into powerful, custom logic Metagraphs. Their solution is being used for cybersecurity within the US Department of Defense.Key Industry-Technology

Energy Web is a blockchain network specifically built to support our future of distributed energy resources & clean energy.Their network serves as a digital registry for all the identities in the green economy. From individuals, to electric vehicles, solar panels & even energy certificates. They were founded by energy leaders around the world such as Shell, Rocky Mountain Instititute, Elia Group & others.Key Industry-Energy